Pandemic book: Just completed Chomp, Chomp, Pop!

Just finished CHOMP, CHOMP, POP! a silly/sassy professionally edited children’s picture book manuscript. Let’s get kids laughing + connecting with the wonders of nature as well as excited about using onomatopoeias.

I wrote it during the first part of the pandemic.

For PreSchool – Grade 1 and fans of THE PIGEON FINDS A HOT DOG! x WHO WANTS A HUG?

CHOMP, CHOMP, POP! A saucy #PB to get kids laughing + connecting with a bubble blowing sloth, a super-helpful fox + the wonders of a forest.💚🌳Themes: ‘We are all in this together’ + #environment + fun problem solving #PBPitch


When Sloth chews gum tossing his empty gum wrapper out of a tree, he can hardly wait to blow the biggest bubble ever. But . . . he is interrupted by a thoughtful, musical and super-creative fox who is thrilled to find a shiny gum wrapper at the base of the tree although he can’t understand why anyone would throw it out. What can possibly be so exciting about a wrapper? Fox and Sloth teach children about manners, sharing, littering, creativity and the idea that one person’s garbage is another’s treasure – even when its garbage!