Talking to kids about climate change

Help your children be part of the solution by Andrea Koehle Jones. (EcoParent Magazine, Fall 2021)

“Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today and our kids will hear about it in school, on the news and from friends so I think it’s critical that we talk to them about it.” Tzeporah Berman, environmentalist, author, and the international program director of Stand.Earth.

A children’s tree planting activity featured in this EcoParent Magazine article. (Fall 2021)

Plant a wish tree Planting a wish tree is a fun way for your budding climate activist to learn about trees. The idea, inspired by The Wish Trees: How Planting Trees Can Help Make the World a Better Place, encourages kids to plant a local tree seedling and then make a wish for the world. Then, each time they return to visit and/or care for their tree they can make more wishes! Trees do so many tremendous things, and planting a tree provides an excellent opportunity to share their importance with your children. Whether or not you dress up the tree with handprinted wishes or speak to them with your mind, doing something hopeful like planting a tree, is a great way to encourage little ones to take pride in their contribution and take part in the world around them.