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Andrea Koehle Jones, author and environmentalist

Canadian children’s book author, journalist and environmentalist Andrea Koehle Jones is dedicated to introducing children to the wonders of nature. She is a contributing writer at Eco Parent Magazine and has worked at CBC News, cbc4kids + Greenpeace as a communications strategist during the campaign to ‘Save The Great Bear Rainforest.’ Andrea is an award-winning documentary producer, has a master’s degree in journalism and is the founder of The ChariTree Foundation, a powerful little children’s environmental education charity. She is also a co-founder of Canada’s FirstLine Foundation. Andrea is a Canadian Camping Association Award of Excellence recipient for her children’s tree planting project and a Nature Inspiration Award (Canadian Museum of Nature) finalist.

Andrea donates a portion of her book sales to children’s tree planting and environmental education projects.

charitree-foundation.org • @akJones_writes + @love_trees

“If children are going to make a lifelong commitment to protect the environment for themselves and future generations, they first need time to explore the wonders of nature,” said Canadian children’s book author and environmentalist Andrea Koehle Jones.