CLIMATE ANXIETY & KIDS by Andrea Koehle Jones

5 Tips to support children and youth with their ‘Eco-Anxiety’ The climate crisis is causing an increase in psychological distress in children and teens around the world. One of the most devastating impacts of unchecked climate change is climate anxiety: a chronic fear of environmental doom. Kids everywhere are reporting … Read more


Adventures with Teens: Tips to get teens offline and outdoors. Article by Andrea Koehle Jones. (Fall 2022 edition)

New children’s tree book in progress…

I am excited about my latest children’s picture book about trees. I am writing and illustrating this sweet and hopeful picture book for young children and will be looking for an outstanding agent and publisher for this project. Updates coming soon.

#POETRYMONTH: My Persephone by Andrea Koehle Jones

My Persephone Poem turned into lyrics by Canadian lyricist Andrea Koehle Jones (SOCAN) You say you’re here to stay you say this time you’ll fight it. But I know leaves fall and you’ll fall down beside them. Falling down, underground, into the deepest blue I know – you don’t want … Read more

#POETRYMONTH: Who will save the trees by Andrea Koehle Jones

Excerpt from un-published poem by Andrea Koehle Jones “…and hugged the windswept alpine coast with awry roots, a lifeline…” “…years since I stood there in her rust red glow, I hear she stands there still. But who will save the trees? Then the breeze blows west and I feel her … Read more

The ChariTree Foundation is in New York at the United Nations General Assembly today. 

March 28, 2022. “Climate change is already a humanitarian crisis and kids are worried. Let’s grow inclusive and transformative environmental education opportunities, especially for children and youth in regions hardest hit by the climate emergency,” said Andrea Koehle Jones, Founder, Executive Director and Children’s Climate Education Advocate, The ChariTree Foundation.“Stockholm+50 … Read more