Canadian songwriter Andrea Koehle Jones (SOCAN) wrote the lyrics to the Shannon Robinson song “My Persephone.”

“My Persephone”

© ℗ 2010 Shannon Robinson and Andrea Koehle Jones
lyricist, executive producer, album photo – andrea koehle jones
composer, vocals, piano – shannon robinson
engineer, mixer, producer – jordan wiberg

Hear the Shannon Robinson song here:

About Andrea Koehle Jones

Lyricist for the Shannon Robinson song “My Persephone” (2010) | Journalist, Screenwriter/Producer, Author | Kid’s environmental education advocate, United Nations Climate Observer
“My Persephone” made the Jango Airplay Top Ten. (Week of Sept 13, 2011.)
Canadian Song Lyric Quote: Andrea Koehle Jones — “Reaching up, reaching out, and still we take you.”