The Star Catchers – One family’s Earth Day Project

Where have all the starfish gone? Every week I take the kids to the far side of the island to look for sea stars. We have been looking since last fall without success. It feels like the starfish are canaries in the coal mine of the ocean and that’s something … Read more

Children’s eco crafts – relevant art that’s fun!

Here’s something fun to do with the kids this Earth Day – make eco crafts out of k-cups and t-cups – you know those single-serve coffee discs that can’t be recycled. What you need: K-cups, T-cups, any used single-serve plastic coffee pods/discs. Glue Gun How to make them: Simply arrange … Read more

Andrea recently produced three new websites

Freelance writer/producer/photographer, Andrea Koehle Jones, comes up with the concept, the photos, completes all writing and coordinates between the client and the Wordpress programmer. Contact to request a quote today.

Is the Sea to Sky Highway on your driving bucket list?

My latest writing and photography assignment was a car review of the Chevrolet Equinox LTZ that took me up the Sea to Sky Highway and back in June. Read all about it. Special thanks to Chevrolet Canada and the super-talented MacLaren McCann team I had the honour of working with under … Read more

Latest projects

Coming soon :  my photos will be featured in a national car advertising campaign, a national sports magazine, an international charity website and and international business website. Stay tuned to see the photos…

ChariTREE is growing

Canadian Camping Association camps are partnering with The ChariTREE Foundation again this year. This month, ChariTREE received 23,495 requests for seedlings for children at camps across Canada. Kids can plant their Wish Tree and make a wish for the planet – or anything. Giving children a tree of their own … Read more

My tree books are now available on the Sony Reader Store

The Wish Trees and Summit’s Sock Garden are now both available on the Sony Reader Store: Theses 100% tree-free children’s books are available around the world and a portion of profits supports Love Trees children’s tree projects around the world!

Cool! My Persephone is featured on Jamsphere

My Persephone is featured on Jamsphere: Go to the magazine cover here: Go directly to the article here: Song goal: to be featured in film, a television drama and / or a dance production.