Let’s Have a Children’s Tree Planting Party! (by Andrea Koehle Jones)

You can host a tree planting party in 5 easy steps

By Climate Journalist ANDREA KOEHLE JONES (EcoParent Magazine)

The true joy of a tree-planting party is the enthusiasm of children and young adults, who are having fun while helping our planet. As you stand among these young people, ready to get your hands dirty and join in on the action, you can’t help but marvel at how their energy transforms the world around them. Every hole dug and tree seedling planted by these kids leaves a lasting impact, knowing that they were part of something much bigger than themselves. 

It’s no secret that kids who spend more time outdoors are healthier for it. By organising a tree-planting party for children, you’re not only teaching them how to love and respect nature but also providing them with important hands-on experience.