Irish Children’s Book Challenge: The Wish Trees is inspiring little tree planters around the world

Let’s celebrate Irish children’s books

There are so many brilliant Irish children’s books highlighted in The Irish Children’s Book Challenge. Every day during October, Discover Irish Children’s Books will be suggesting fun activities to help people discover the best Irish literature for kids.

There are more than 350 published Irish children’s authors and illustrators, including those living and working in Ireland. That’s a lot of children’s authors and illustrators!

One of those books is The Wish Trees: How Planting Trees Can Help Make the World a Better Place. 

“Planting a tree is an act of hope and that is a message our children need to hear now more than ever.” — Andrea Koehle Jones, Canadian and Irish author 

The Wish Trees was written by award-winning children’s environmental education advocate and Canadian and Irish author Andrea Koehle Jones to create a humanitarian children’s book that would aid in African environmental education projects. This book quickly became well-known across the globe, and a new edition of it was released in 2021, with 100% of the book’s profits going towards similar environmental education initiatives for children across the world.

100% of profits from this book will be donated to The ChariTree Foundation and other children’s environmental education and tree planting projects.

Inspiring and uplifting, The Wish Trees is rooted in the idea that every child can help make the world a better place. This whimsical children’s book introduces young readers to the fun of tree planting as they meet kids around the globe planting Wish Trees and making wishes.

Kids will discover the wonder of trees and enjoy searching for different animals and tree names with each new page. Thoughtful, empowering and beautifully written The Wish Trees features illustrations by New York Times best-selling illustrator Alicia Padrón. The Wish Trees: How Planting Trees Can Help Make the World a Better Place is inspiring little tree planters and wishers around the world.

Discover how to plant a tree
Young children will fall in love with trees, learn how trees can help our planet and begin to understand that they are never too little to help the world. This September 15, 2021 edition of The Wish Trees includes a bonus: “How to Plant a Wish Tree.