Talking to kids about climate change

Help your children be part of the solution by Andrea Koehle Jones. (EcoParent Magazine, Fall 2021) “Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today and our kids will hear about it in school, on the news and from friends so I think it’s critical that we talk to them about … Read more

How protecting forests can safeguard us from future pandemics

Seeing the Forest for the Trees by Andrea Koehle Jones (EcoParent Magazine, Spring 2021) “It’s no secret that a walk in the woods makes everyone feel better. When we introduce kids to the wonders and biodiversity of forests, they will be more likely to protect them for future generations, and … Read more

Children’s Book Review: Pando

Pando: A Living Wonder of Trees  by Kate Allen Fox (Author), Turine Tran (Illustrator) Book review by Andrea Koehle Jones, children’s environmental education advocate, author and founder of The ChariTree Foundation.  “Near a humming highway, a giant forest stands firm. Thousands of trees—almost exactly alike—whisper in the wind…” Explore one … Read more

Children’s Book Review: The Wisdom of Trees

The Wisdom of Trees

How Trees Work Together to Form a Natural Kingdom. Book review by Andrea Koehle Jones, author, children’s environmental education advocate and founder of The ChariTree Foundation. (March 3, 2021) The Wisdom of Trees: How Trees Work Together to Form a Natural Kingdom by Lita Judge “I am a single beech, … Read more

Puppy Plants a Tree in 50 Words

Writing a 50 word children’s picture book is a lot more challenging than it seems. I am entering Vivian Kirkfield’s 50 Precious Words Contest  for the first time. As usual, it’s an environmentally themed manuscript. Let’s dig in… PUPPY PLANTS A TREE By Andrea Koehle Jones (50 words)   Who can … Read more

GREEN BOOKS: #IReadCanadian children’s environmental book suggestions

BY GREEN BOOKS BLOG, 17 FEBRUARY, 2021 Let’s unearth some Canadian children’s books that encourage kids to discover the wonders of nature. These books get kids thinking about the power we each have to initiate positive changes in the world. Wherever possible, I have suggested #IReadCanadian Kindle books over paperback to save more … Read more