Pandemic book: Just completed Chomp, Chomp, Pop!

Just finished CHOMP, CHOMP, POP! a silly/sassy professionally edited children’s picture book manuscript. Let’s get kids laughing + connecting with the wonders of nature as well as excited about using onomatopoeias. I wrote it during the first part of the pandemic. For PreSchool – Grade 1 and fans of THE PIGEON FINDS … Read more

Top 5 Canadian Children’s Books To Teach Kids To Care For The Environment

While the pandemic is giving kids less opportunities to get outside in nature, the bright side is it reminds us of what’s at stake for the planet plus parents and kids have a lot more time to read.⁣⁣ Here are our top 5 Canadian children’s books on the environment — perfect for Earth Day and every day! Happy reading. 💚🌎

The mountains are calling…

I have moved to the mountains for several months to finish my second book, The Hummingbird Trees. I have been working on this YA novel about a young empath with a powerful connection to trees for five years. I am getting ready to review the latest edits and let The Hummingbird Trees go … Read more

The Star Catchers – One family’s Earth Day Project

Where have all the starfish gone? Every week I take the kids to the far side of the island to look for sea stars. We have been looking since last fall without success. It feels like the starfish are canaries in the coal mine of the ocean and that’s something … Read more