My Persephone makes the Jango Airplay Top Ten

My Persephone is #10 on the Jango Airplay Top Ten this week (September 13, 2011):

The Shannon Robinson song with lyrics by Andrea Koehle Jones was featured with other emerging artists this week on Jango.  Every iTunes download of My Persephone helps support Love Trees children’s tree planting projects.

Soulful and haunting, this is a song about love, loss and seasons of grieving and of course the famous story of Persephone. The lyrics reflect our deep and fragile connection to trees. A portion of profits will be donated to Love Trees.

Genre: Pop: Piano
Release Date: 2010
Song goal: to be featured in a film, television or dance production. Pass it on…  :  )

Hear the full song for free here: My Persephone

Thanks Jango and Jango fans!

Click here for more information about the song.