ChariTREE is growing

Canadian Camping Association camps are partnering with The ChariTREE Foundation again this year. This month, ChariTREE received 23,495 requests for seedlings for children at camps across Canada.

Kids can plant their Wish Tree and make a wish for the planet – or anything. Giving children a tree of their own to plant teaches responsibility and offers kids the opportunity to connect with nature. Studies show the more time kids spend outside, the more their levels of stress drop and their confidence soars to new levels.

ChariTREE sent another 5,745 school children seedlings in April.

ChariTREE has also recently returned from Zambia where 5,000 children will receive a fruit or nut tree. ChariTREE partnered with African Community Project on this project. Zambia is among the top 10 countries in the world with the highest annual deforestation rate.

Think about making a donation or becoming a corporate sponsor. When we invest in kids we are investing in a brighter future.