How protecting forests can safeguard us from future pandemics

Seeing the Forest for the Trees by Andrea Koehle Jones (EcoParent Magazine, Spring 2021)

“It’s no secret that a walk in the woods makes everyone feel better. When we introduce kids to the wonders and biodiversity of forests, they will be more likely to protect them for future generations, and right now, protecting forests around the world may be vital in preventing future pandemics.” – Andrea Koehle Jones, Children’s environmental education advocate and founder of The ChariTree Foundation.

Pandemics and Deforestation: Scientists warn the next deadly pandemic could be looming if we don’t take steps now to protect forests. Plus check out these five fun ways families can help protect forests. READ MORE

Andrea Koehle Jones is the founder and executive director of The ChariTree Foundation. This little Canadian charity is dedicated to supporting accessible nature-based environmental education opportunities for children and youth across Canada and around the world.