Be a Hummingbird Changemaker: How small steps lead to big impacts

There is a fable that tells the story of a forest fire and a small but courageous hummingbird.As this hummingbird sees its home be destroyed by the flames, and the other animals staring in despair, the hummingbird says “I’m going to do something about the fire.”And so our feathered friend flies to the nearest stream, scooping a single drop of water into its beak to try to put out the fire. The hummingbird flies back and forth, doing this over and over to save their home – the refuge for all these animals.The animals watched, some so defeated they shouted “Don’t bother. You’re too little. Your wings will burn. Your beak is too tiny. You can’t put out this fire.”But the hummingbird didn’t give up. And when an elephant shouted “What do you think you’re doing?” our friend the hummingbird said “I’m doing the best I can.”
Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai shared this message that small actions lead to big impacts. More than ever, the world needs more hummingbird changemakers. Here are 4 ways you can become one today to contribute positively to climate action and help make the world a better place.

Read about climate and nature

Every child can help make the world a better place, and storytelling is a fantastic way to share this message with them.

The Wish Trees: How Planting Trees Can Help Make the World a Better Place introduces children to the fun of planting trees and how this promotes climate and nature protection.

Recycle for art

Your recycling bin is a great place to find materials for arts and crafts projects while teaching the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle and the impact these principles have on climate change.

Planting trees

Trees absorb and store greenhouse gasses, regulate water levels, protect shorelines from extreme weather events like storm surges, and can even cool down cities!

Planting trees with children and youth can connect them to nature and understand the impact of natural environments in a hands-on way.

Make indoor greenhouses

For many of us, outdoor greenhouses aren’t viable year-round due to winter and other weather conditions.But mini, indoor greenhouses are a fun way to get kids planting gardens while they learn about sustainability.

You can make a difference too

The ChariTree Foundation is a Vancouver-based charity connecting local and international youth to climate education to help them survive and thrive today and lead a better tomorrow. Follow us on Twitter or donate today to help children survive and thrive in a changing climate.