My Persephone makes the Jango Airplay Top Ten

My Persephone is #10 on the Jango Airplay Top Ten this week (September 13, 2011): The Shannon Robinson song with lyrics by Andrea Koehle Jones was featured with other emerging artists this week on Jango.  Every iTunes download of My Persephone helps support Love Trees children’s tree planting projects. Soulful … Read more

Summit’s latest projects

Puppy Tweets: Summit, the ghost tweeting dog,  just picked-up another high profile client. Summit, a friendly Bernese Mountain Dog, offers individuals and business clients thoughtful tweets and loyal discretion. Summit passes the time while the kids are at school, by tweeting for clients around the world. Summit is selective about … Read more

Fun Hummingbird Tree Crafts to make with the kids

The Hummingbird is also called the messenger of joy and it is always good luck to see a hummingbird. I saw lots of hummingbirds around the time of my daughter Avery’s birth. Recently Avery and I made these cute hummingbird crafts to hang on trees in honour of tree planting hero … Read more